Abe Foxman Voice of Reason and Moderation in Racist Comic Flap

07/29/2009 4:06 PM |

Tintin in Congo Abe Foxman, the blowhard outspoken spokesman for the Anti-Defamation League, is for many people the Al Sharpton of the Jewish community, wading into identity politics at every turn, picking fights and generally making a lot of noise about perceived anti-Semitism. And of course, like Sharpton, he is frequently justified in his anger; also, like Sharpton, oftentimes he is not.

Whatever the case, he is rarely called upon as a voice of reason and moderation in the face of clearly delineated anti-Semitism. Until now.

For some weird reason, Page Six has finally figured out that the originator of the legendary French Tintin comics was, in fact, a racist anti-Semite. This is not huge news to those of us who’ve been reading these weird apolitical, colonialist adventure stories from a very young age, but in light of an upcoming Steven Spielberg/Peter Jackson adaptation, I guess, it is. So, wonders The Post, what does quote-machine Foxman think of the director of Schindler’s List working on this material?

Most people know Tintin not about the anti-Semitism, but for his many adventures. It’s a blemish in [Hergé’s] character, but not enough for the people to want to throw away everything he’s created.

So yup. We totally agree with Abe Foxman on this one, go figure.