Beer-Drinkers to be Locked in Cages at Pool Parties?

07/13/2009 11:06 AM |

18a7/1247497517-1.jpgI forgot to go to the first Pool Party at the Williamsburg Waterfront yesterday, and to make matters worse, I also forgot to tell a writer to go cover it. So as I unsuccessfully scoured my neighborhood for this so that my wife could bake these, 6,000 of you were hanging out in the sun, watching Fucked Up, Ponytail and Mission of Burma, and I was left reading about it in real time on Twitter. Seems like it went pretty smoothly, but Metromix‘s Matt Rodbard mentioned something that could potentially be awful. How small is the area? Is the stage visible? Were people angry? Is it going to be out of hand for Dirty Projectors next week? Have we learned nothing from the All Points West debacle?

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  • Area was quite large, only hassle is you have to leave on the ends and return in the middle. If you wanna take your beer with ya back to a grassy spot,you can’t which is a drag. Prolly due to being a State Park. All in all , a nice venue with a great view.

  • best moment caught on tape:

    I wasn’t drinking (Bud Light for $6 = LOL) so I don’t know about the beer. They should have more water or ice tea stands or something. That ice tea sponsor they had last year is not back.

  • It’s all ages now, that is why there is a roped off area for drinking. It sucked like it did at All Points West. Space is generally bigger feeling but it doesn’t have the magic that the pool has. And the stage is way smaller than it was in the pool.