Brad Pitt Will Save the World, One House at a Time

07/06/2009 2:32 PM |

8257/1246902578-gehrynola.jpgCelebrity charity projects can be very problematic, what with the slimy film of selfish public relations double-speak they tend to leave behind, so it’s with guarded enthusiasm that I applaud Brad Pitt’s Make it Right Foundation. The group (whose name, I’m sorry, always makes me think of a same-named song from a particularly great South Park episode) has been building homes in the Hurricane Katrina-devastated, government neglected Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans.

What’s perhaps more impressive than the fact that Make it Right will be building some 150 homes is the incredible architectural pedigree of their designs. Because, again, charity is great PR, some of the biggest names in international architecture are participating in the project, so that one of America’s most disenfranchised neighborhoods is going to end up one of its richest, aesthetically and, maybe, literally. Click here to check out the 14 new duplex designs released last week by Make It Right, like the one pictured, designed by Frank Gehry (he of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao).

(Image courtesy Make It Right)