Broadway Musical About Sexism, 9 to 5, Closing on 9/6

07/29/2009 4:48 PM |

9 to 5, Broadway, singingIn a sad case of life imitating art just as it ends the life of said art, the Times blog ArtsBeat breaks the news that 9 to 5 The Musical, the Broadway musical with songs written by Dolly Parton about three women (Stephanie J. Block, Allison Janney and Meghan Hilty, pictured) in the 80s exacting revenge upon the corporate sexism of their bosses, will be performed for the last time on September 6. The relatively lavish production at the Marriott Marquis Theater wasn’t making enough money to satisfy its (presumably male) investors, and will likely be replaced by a musical about superheroes or wizards or something. Click here for more details on the announcement, or click here to get tickets.

(photo credit: Joan Marcus)

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  • Aw! I actually did see this, and even though I never think I’m going to enjoy seeing a musical, I was cooing and laughing the whole time. Also, Allison Janney is amazeballs.