Canada is Invading (Finally!)

07/10/2009 1:15 PM |

661d/1247241848-timhortons.jpgSay goodbye to thirteen Dunkin’ Donuts locations New York, because on Monday morning they will be reborn as Tim Hortons. The Canadian coffee shop chain, founded by Toronto Maple Leafs great Tim Horton (obvs), will be taking over key DD spots throughout Manhattan, including one in Penn Station and another next to the Stock Exchange. As you’ll know if you’ve encountered any T-Ho’s locations in certain sectors of the Northeast U.S. or at every corner of every street in Canada, they’re pretty much your standard coffee, donuts and bread soup bowl restaurant, with the added bonus that their name for the spherical donut hole treats, Timbits, is about a thousand times better than the Dunkin’ Donuts version, Munchkins. The New York Times has all the details on the switch, which is happening over the weekend between closing time tonight and opening shop Monday morning. And so you don’t feel awkward and uncomfortable when ordering coffee from your new Canadian breakfast overlords, read all about Tim Hortons at Wikipedia.

(via Curbed)