Central Park Becomes a Freudian Playground

07/17/2009 11:10 AM |

27aa/1247784826-franzwest.jpgIf you’re keeping track of the public art line-up this summer (which, obviously, you’re a terrible person if you’re not), you’ll notice that they kinda fall into two categories: bright, poppy whimsy (Jennifer Stockholder in Madison Square Park, Richard Wood‘s brick turrets at City Hall) and vaguely creepy, environmentalist statements (PLOT09 on Governors’ Island, Julie Farris and Sarah Wayland-Smith‘s Tribeca meadow). Well, chalk one more up for the former category with the opening of Franz West’s The Ego and The Id (pictured) this week at the Fifth Avenue and 60th Street entrance to Central Park.

Now the only question is: which one is the ego, and which is the id? The multi-color one at right seems the obvious pick to be the id at first, what with its brazen, hedonistic attitude towards the color spectrum. But then, what about the unsettling skin-colored thing on the left? Its color totally evokes every manner of genital anatomy, so maybe it represents unbridled, swirling sexual energies. Ideas?