Chris Martin Fights a Squirrel

07/21/2009 11:38 AM |

0a49/1248190583-picture_11.pngI don’t like Coldplay. Never have. And I’ve liked them even less since the release of Viva La Vida, mostly on account of the clown/military garb they’ve been wearing for all their public appearances, but also because Chris Martin has managed to match Bono’s air of smug self-satisfaction despite never having written anything as good as “Angel of Harlem” or “Running to Stand Still.”

But I’ve got to admit, Rob Harvilla over at the Voice has a point: the new video for their song “Strawberry Swing,” in which Martin appears as a super hero who fights a squirrel, is pretty great. I took a screen shot of my favorite part. His cape looks like a Dorito, no?