Dash Snow is Dead

07/14/2009 1:02 PM |

23d5/1247590266-dash_snow_mcginley_colen.png Gawker is reporting that Dash Snow, performatively self-destructive downtown “hipster” artist (really, I’m getting pretty fucking tired of that tag, but still, it communicates something), died today, of a heroin overdose. He came on the radar of many through Ariel Levy’s 2007 NY Mag profile, a classic tale of the agonized scion trying to distance himself from his family through transgression, stylized hedonism and, yup, self-destruction. I think it’s a drag that he is dead. Transgression may now be a cliché, but fuck if we still don’t need someone to embody it. I mean christ, even in this cuddle shot of Snow with pals Ryan McGinley and Dan Colen, Snow [at right] looks by comparison not long for this world. (Stay tuned this afternoon for Paddy Johnson’s much smarter take on the life of Dash Snow.)

UPDATE: The Times ArtsBeat seems to have just confirmed it.