David Arquette Fights Hunger by Eating Food in a Plexiglass Enclosure

07/14/2009 4:37 PM |

67b6/1247603813-david_arquette.jpgI don’t know how I didn’t hear about this until now, but David Arquette is spending 16 hours between today and tomorrow hanging out inside a plexiglass box on top of Madison Square Garden in an attempt to raise money for Feeding America, an organization that fights hunger. The event, which was organized by the makers of Snickers, is called “Bar Hunger,” and I hate to speak ill of what is very obviously a good deed, but I don’t really get it. He sits in a box for two eight-hour shifts, which, you know, sure, that sounds kinda shitty, and I get that it’s a sacrifice—but 1010 Wins is reporting that he’ll be eating while he’s in there! Like, “Hey, look at me, starving homeless people on the street directly below me, I’ve got all this food and you have NOTHING!!!” I assume I’m missing some crucial bit of information, but who knows. Either way, go to Madison Square Garden and donate some moneys.

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