Everyone Else Is Writing About Sufjan Today So We Have To As Well

07/21/2009 2:41 PM |

0cb6/1248201574-picture_13.pngOther than that one day when some of us were getting drunk outside Pedro’s (R.I.P) and he walked past us, Sufjan Stevens has been flying pretty much under the radar of late, and really, it’s been kind of nice. But those days are behind us now that plans have been announced to release a CD/vinyl version of The B.Q.E., a “film and musical suite” he premiered at BAM back in November of 2007. It was a huge undertaking, involving 36 musicians, film footage of the expressway, and five women hula hooping*. On October 20th, it will hit stores in a few different formats, which I don’t feel like explaining. So, here… I’ll leave it up to you to decide how much of a nerd you are:

The comprehensive package features the CD soundtrack, the DVD of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway film footage, a 40-page booklet with extensive liner notes & photographs and an accompanying stereoscopic 3-D Viewmaster® reel. Furthermore, Asthmatic Kitty will release a limited edition double gatefold vinyl edition of The BQE on 180-gram vinyl with a large-scale 32-page booklet including liner notes, photographs and a black and white version of a 40-page BQE-themed Hooper Heroes comic book.

I will admit it: I’m sorta intrigued by the stereoscopic 3-d Viewmaster reel.

*Surely, Jessica Hopper or maybe Maura Johnston has something to say about Sufjan’s insistence on being surrounded, or, actually, backed by attractive women dressed in ridiculous costumes.

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  • yawn…sufjan is OK, but his BQE was a huge letdown, and he seemed entirely out of place at the BAM.

  • You know, I used to think he was just a quiet dude who wanted to make really sincere songs, but at this point he just makes me cringe really, really hard. It started at a live gig after Illinoise (the E being cringe harbinger) and I’ve never been able to snap back.