Fabolous Updates Famous “Shopping Cart” Dance for Recession Times

07/22/2009 4:36 PM |

41e3/1248285613-throwitinthebag.jpgWhile preparing a review of the new album by Brooklyn rapper Fabolous (Loso’s Way, dropping July 28), I’ve been watching the mediocre video for the mediocre lead single “Throw It In The Bag” (not embeddable here because Universal hates the Internet) more times than I care to admit. Aside from the obvious problem that he’s repping BK throughout even though the video was clearly shot in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District (notice the High Line in the background as Fabo walks into the store), I love how the dance that gives the song its title is exactly like the shopping cart (to which, you may recall, the DBoyz recently gave a long-needed overhaul), except performed in a boutique instead of a supermarket. But wait! The fate of hip hop will be decided (after the jump) by what exactly this new version of the shopping cart dance means.

The video and song are frustratingly ambiguous as to whether the “throw it in the bag” dance is so snazzy because you’re stealing, or because you have so much money that you don’t even need to think about the price of the item you’re throwing and how you will pay for it. The song, obviously, is about how paid Fabo is, and how his boo doesn’t need to worry about the price of her designer gear, she can just “throw it in the bag.” In the video, though, he picks up the girl when he notices how she didn’t pay for her designer jewelery, she just “[threw] it in the bag.” If this song is about not worrying about money, well, consider Fabolous officially antiquated. If, on the other hand, he’s telling us to steal designer goods because nobody in their right mind can afford to pay for them anymore (as if they could before!), maybe Fabo is the first recession-adjusted rap star. Which one is it?

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  • Right??? I had this same issue. I think it’s actually about throwing whatever goods you’re purchasing into your eco-friendly, reusable tote on the way to the cash register. Fabo is all about going green.

  • Hm, good point. That would explain why the High Line gets screen time. But then, shouldn’t he trade in his Bentley for a Prius (or, I guess, a fleet of Prisuses)?