Five Great Parliamentary Brawls

07/22/2009 3:53 PM |

If you thought the confirmation hearings and filibustering and appropriation committees of the US congressional legislative system were awesome, the South Korean parliament broke into an all-out, ass-kicking legislative smackdown this morning after the National Assembly passed three new media reform bills. The details aren’t all that important, suffice to say this is the first ever parliamentary fracas over media reform… So with that in mind, I offer you a small collection of parliamentary fights from around the globe, including the one from today, and also a suggestion that the US Congress start fighting each other every now and then, because Jeff Sessions needs more punches to the face.

Today’s throwdown:

More Korean National Assembly ass-kicking, from 2007:

The Taiwanese will also take you out, from 2007:

From the Far East to the Near East, the Ukrainian Parliament gets all hockey fighty in 2008:

Just for good measure, this is from the Alabama State Senate in 2007, and compared to the rest of the world, our legislators have no balls whatsoever: