Green Villain of the Week: Evian

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07/10/2009 11:15 AM |

67f8/1247238863-evian-young-commercial-4.jpgTo stay on both the bottled water and Reality Bites kicks a little longer, let’s take a look at Evian, which is “naive” spelled backwards, and which is, as a bottled-water company, pretty much the green villain of every week, but especially this week, the week I link to this French TV spot of theirs.

Which is the most horrifying, do you think? Its in the computer-animated dancing diapered babies on rollerskates? The obviusly rerecorded version of “Rappers Delight”? God. This can’t possibly seem any less crass in context, on French TV, can it?

(This site that hosts the video, though. I had not known there was a really hiply designed French cool-hunting website where office drones kill their 35-hour work week watching Matt & Kim videos.)