Greenpoint Nerds Set Up Nerd-Friendly Basketball League for Nerds

07/21/2009 2:22 PM |

4b57/1248195900-george_gervin.jpg First of all, how come I wasn’t told about this? Apparently there’s been a book-lovers basketball league happening in Greenpoint all summer. Set up by the WORD bookstore, games have been taking place at the courts across the street, with teams like the “Virginia Wolves” playing “Mrs. Balloway” (and no, it’s not all Virginia Woolf related, i.e. “The Purple Pros”). Apparently it’s all booked up, BUT I REALLY WANT TO JOIN IN THESE NERD GAMES, so please, if there’s any need for alternates, I can answer all of the league-required literary questions (damn it, I host a literary trivia contest).

Other possible team names: “The Real Life of Sebastian Telfair”, “The Moby Dunks”, “A Confederacy of Dunks”, “The Count Dunkulas”, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Thunder”, “The Traveling of Marco Polo”, “The Ice Man George Gervin Cometh to the Hoop”… There are thousands of them, but I have to work on my jump shot. Please, fellow nerds, add your own in the comments.

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