Happy Canada Day You Gun Totin’ Motherf*#kers!

07/01/2009 2:33 PM |

44a1/1246472498-joni-mitchell.jpgThat’s right, every year we Canadians half-heartedly celebrate the vague fact of our existence as a putative nation state by tuning in to watch the beginning of the free agent hockey signings (UPDATE: The Toronto Maple Leafs have signed noted pugilist Colton Orr, traded defenceman Pavel Kubina, and have put it an offer on high-scoring centre Mike Camalleri). All I really want right now is some poutine, a beaver tail, a grosse bottle of Cinquante and an episode of SCTV.

Obviously, I am now going to post five (very random) covers of our beloved Joni Mitchell’s “Case of You,” which is pretty much our national song (“Tastes so bitter, and so sweet” — just like Canadians!). If you did not know, Joni Mitchell is the queen of Ontario. I’ve ignored the crappy adult contemporary torchsong versions by Diana Krall and KD Lang because they are super-lame; this song needs a guitar, losers.

The Original (which is awesome, and is the reason I am crying in the office right now. If you want me I’ll be in the bar.)

John Doe, ex of X (pretty great)

A Young Man with a Dulcimer (not that great)

Colin Meloy, of the Decemberists (really irritating)

Random Dude with crazy visual effects (bad, but weird bad)

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  • Things I learned about Canada today: Police Academy and Big Trouble in Little China star Kim Cattrall is a much better writer than several (awful) New Yorker staffers:


    That John Doe version is good stuff, though I’m gonna say it could be better, on account of the harmonizer neither looks nor sounds much like Exene Cervenka.

  • Aside from Colin Meloy saying “part of you COMES out of me” instead of “part of you POURS out of me,” I don’t find his version all that irritating, at least not until the badly botched high note at the end. He actually tries to tackle the melody as it was written, which is no small task, and certainly not one that John Doe was up for.

    I am just from Long Island, though, and now I will scour YouTube for covers of Piano Man and 911 (Is a Joke).

    Happy Canada Day.

  • There’s something about Meloy having already staked out his fantastical talking badger territory (which is cool, and i like) that makes him singing such a deeply personal, down-to-earth song, so wrong. It’s like Tolkien doing Carver.