Hot Tempered Chasid Hassles Huff Po Hipster Over Hot Dog Heave Up

07/01/2009 12:06 PM |

21aa/1246461681-dog_drives_car.jpeg This story, of New York’s only Chasidic cop ticketing (and cuffing!) a woman on the L train for having her sick pug out of his carrier, is NYC media crack.

Seriously, we have a Chasid (Joel Witriol) man-handling a lady gentrifier (Chrissie Brodigan) who also happens to be a Huffington Post blogger — it’s like a bad one act at the Fringe Festival. The Gawker angle is, by and large, sympathetic to Brodigan, who has photographs of the extensive bruising she received after Witriol allegedly pushed her against a wall. The NY Post angle was decidedly pro Witriol (and I’m sure they agonized over the tricky calculus of this one: cops=good, Chasids=bad(?), defenseless white ladies=good, Williamsburg whiners=bad… WHAT DO WE DO?), and they even found a witness to claim that Brodigan was yelling anti-Semitic slurs (which is denied by another witness). While these stories usually end up somewhere in the middle of all the fractured Rashomon accounts, the speed and intensity with which cops go from ticketing to dickheadedness has always shocked me, and it doesn’t sound any different in this case.

I think, however, that the biggest story here is the failure of the Post headline writers, who could only muster “Ruff Rider ‘Cursed’ Cop: Hasidic Officer in Subway Canine Fracas.” Really, that’s all you got? Officer? The commenters at Gawker did a much better job:

“Pug Owner to Transit Cop: Jew Gotta Problem”

“Pukey Pup Irks Jew in Blue”

“Muzzle tov!”

“Busted Barker’s Barf Mitzvah”

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    @monpetitchou: Not that I’m trying to top you, but when I used to live in Queens I had the pleasure of sharing a car with a man who shit himself in the back, and had vomit down the front. Yum-O.