How Do You Get Hung in a Chelsea Gallery? Wait, and Wait, and Wait

07/31/2009 2:46 PM |

Lyons Wier, art bazaar, chelseaIn a laudable effort to try to wring some excitement out of the art world’s slow summer months, Lyons Wier Gallery (175 Seventh Ave, at W 20th St) has been offering space on its walls to whomever wants it (it’s not a TV show, but hey, free space!). Not surprisingly, this has led to some epic queuing outside the Chelsea storefront space, with artists from all over the city hoping to squeeze something into the rotating summer show. If you’re interested in seeing/getting in on the show, dubbed Art Bazaar, head over to their Chelsea space any or every weekend morning (or the night before) through August 16 for a shot at 6 feet x 11 feet of white cube space. You should probably also read the rules before you go.