How to Make the Moon Landing Interesting: Take a Moonshot in the Dark

07/20/2009 5:55 PM |

bb37/1248126409-moonlanding09.gifEveryone is really excited about it being forty years since we landed on the moon. Google, apparently foregoing their usual logo embellishment (I was sure I’d see a moon in one of those O’s), has prepared a special map of the lunar surface complete with landing sites and fun facts. The NY Times has a whole mess of interactive features including a cool collection of reader-submitted photographs from the year 1969. Gawker simultaneously celebrated the day and reminisced about the heyday of print, posting images of the yellowed front pages of various newspapers that announced the event.

Not to be outdone, the History Channel is premiering a new ‘docudrama’ about the moon landing entitled Moonshot. The creators, however, have taken certain liberties in mixing fact and fiction. Cuts between archived footage from the actual event and reshot fictional scenes are so quick that it’s difficult to differentiate between the two. AND some of the more important audio clips from the shuttle transmissions have been substituted for the actors’ voices, so that when their mouths move, a static-y recording comes out. What? Click here to check out a clip from the TV movie.