Indie Rock Feuds: Meg White vs. Bat For Lashes

07/06/2009 11:03 AM |

89e1/1246892561-mw.jpgLast week the New York Times spent “A Night Out With” Natasha Kahn of Bat For Lashes. It was, it turns out, an incredibly boring night. They went to a costume store, then to a restaurant—forgettable in every way and certainly not worth reporting on in the world’s largest and most influential newspaper. Except for this one part, which I’m hoping will illicit a response and be the beginning of a long, messy feud.

As female musicians, they have had to endure some stereotypes. Ms. Jones [drummer] gets compared to Meg White “constantly,” she said, her eyes closed in annoyance, adding, “Meg White is the worst drummer I’ve ever seen.”

Did you hear that, Meg White? It’s a slow news day after a long weekend, and the drummer from Bat for Lashes thinks you are the worst drummer she’s ever seen. Please respond. Please. I’m so bored.

One Comment

  • Natasha Kahn is not even remotely as talented as Meg White, who is most likely too cool to feud back.

    I never understood the hype about Bat For Lashes anyway. Boring NYT article, boring band, now reaching “offensively boring” in my mind.