Kelly Clarkson’s New Single is Just Like Beyonce’s New Single, But Much, Much Worse

07/27/2009 1:30 PM |

e840/1248715755-kelly.jpgThere is yet another chapter in the ongoing battle between Kelly Clarkson and everyone around her. This time, though, she appears to be in the right. Her new single, “Already Gone,” which she co-wrote (this means she just wrote the idiotic lyrics, obviously) with Ryan Tedder, apparently sounds a lot like Beyonce’s most recent single, “Halo,” which Tedder also had a hand in writing. Clarkson is understandably pissed that he gave the track to both of them, and understandably pissed at her label for insisting on releasing it as the third song from her new record, All I Ever Wanted. Clips of both songs are after the jump.

Notice how she continuously places her left hand on the side of her face to communicate that she is sad. So much easier than singing emotively.

You’ve got to feel bad for Kelly. It must be super embarrassing to have another artist bring a shitty beat to life in a way you’re not even remotely capable of.

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