Koreans Clone Dogs, American Puppy Born with Five Legs… CONNECTED?!

07/20/2009 12:06 PM |

I know it’s supposed to be cause for dystopian fear-mongering and hysterical screenplays about society gone mad, but I’m having a hard time working up ethical outrage at this story about cloned South Korean drug-sniffing dogs. Cloning is going to happen, no matter how freaked out we get (the parable of Pandora’s Box really is just about science), so five more smart, purpose-driven golden labs in the world isn’t such a bad thing. I do hate, however, they were all given the same name, “Toppy.”
BUT WAIT. Somewhere else in the world a Chihuahua was born with five legs, begging the obvious question: Why aren’t we cloning five-legged narco-puppies? The five-legger, named Lily, was all set to end up at a Coney Island freakshow, but was “rescued” to the tune of $4,000 by a North Carolina woman, and now everyone is happy. (Well, except maybe the poor guys who run the freakshow, from which Lily had to be “saved.” I mean jeez, can’t you run a decent freakshow in this day and age without being treated like a freak?)

So, dog-cloning story plus five-legged puppy story=