L Magazine Figures Out How to Make Money from Internet

07/22/2009 1:46 PM |

As giant magazine companies panic about their survival in the 21st century (cut your budgets you idiots), we here at The L Magazine have cracked the magic formula for becoming rich in the Web 2.0 era (and beyond!): short stories. That’s right, our annual Summer Fiction Issue hit streets this morning, with great stories by Kevin Canty, Ron Carlson, Kaui Hart Hemmings, Andrew Malan Milward and Ted Thompson, along with this year’s Literary Upstart winner, Deenah Vollmer (you can read her fellow finalists here online). On top of all that, we’re publishing great new work every week, right here at The L Mag‘s online fiction section.

Seriously, we are going to get so fucking rich with this shit it’s going to make S.I. Newhouse roll over in his gold-plated grave cryogenic life chamber.

Join us tomorrow night at KGB as we celebrate this cash cow with a reading, featuring Ted Thompson, Emma Straub and Colin Fleming. It’s from 7pm to 9pm and we will all be there and we will all be drunk (because we are so rich from selling wonderful stories to the fiction-crazed public).