Lil’ Jenny Lewis: A YouTube Compilation

07/06/2009 5:46 PM |

1bd0/1246916303-14.jpgIn honor of America and all the pretty people that the country can claim as one of its own, I give you Jenny Lewis’ five greatest contributions to the entertainment world before forming Rilo Kiley, delivering two solo albums, and draping herself in an American flag at Battery Park on the Fourth of July. It was either this or a blog post on the five hats even worse than the one Conor Oberst was wearing.

Come with us to that strange and wonderful place, the other side of the jump.

Velveeta Cheese Commercial:

A sweater-vested Kirk Cameron may attempt to steal the spotlight here, but nothing can detract from lil’ Jenny’s overt enthusiasm over manufactured dairy products. Check out those bangs.

Kissing Scene in The Wizard:

Putting Kevin Arnold in his motherfucking place.

Teen Set Interview:

This clip is so chock-full of 90s awesomeness, it’s hard to zone in on just a few moments. An early favorite comes after Jenny reveals she’s been to Budapest-there’s a dramatic pause that should’ve won her an Oscar. Then at the four-minute mark comes an acting montage with hats that is pretty much the greatest thing I’ve ever seen until she’s jumping on a trampoline in a purple sweatsuit against misplaced circus music. She ends by urging her peers to go green, proving that even as a 15-year-old with Farrah hair, she’s more ahead of the curve than I will ever be. Please watch this. It won’t disappoint.

Her Role as Rita Faldes in Foxfire:

Teenage lust, cucumbers and a song!

Debbie Downer in Silent Night:

Way to put a stop to the party, Jen.

Bonus: A video for “The Frug,” one of the best Jenny-fronted songs that, for whatever reason, not a lot of people seem to know about. Notice that she’s gorgeous. I’m not at all jealous.

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  • It’s my understanding that a lot of hardcore Rilo Kiley fans adore “The Frug” but that the band and/or Jenny is vaguely embarrassed by songs from that era (their first EP). But it is indeed an awesome song. I hope she doesn’t forsake Rilo as she continues her also-excellent solo career. The solo-acoustic version of “Silver Lining” she played at the Battery Park show was unbelievably gorgeous. Not that I have a huge crush on her or anything.


  • Frug? Smurf?

  • wow, her “acting” is just about as good as her “singing”. insincere and artificially sweetened in two media- that is an accomplishment…

  • I’d love to hear more about the specifics of what makes her singing “insincere.” Or, moreso, “artificially sweetened.” (Does her voice also contain preservatives? Corn? Trans fats?) Or how comparing a twelve-year-old’s acting with a thirty-year-old’s singing is remotely constructive without that specificity.