Michelle Distracts Everyone with New Haircut

07/22/2009 5:11 PM |

aabf/1248287580-mobamahairclips.jpgLet’s just all agree that Michelle Obama is teh good, and not just because of the toned arms and the dresses and the White House Organic Garden and her impressive degrees and the fact she deals with an unruly Portuguese Water Dog like my mom does (hi Mom!). Rather, let’s applaud her for distracting the world from her hubby’s healthcare bill, uh, experiment with a haircut.

As The New York Times says today, President Obama is putting a lot at stake with the passage of his health legislation, and he has to deal with peevish, moronic Republicans to get it done. But have no fear! It’s the first lady to the rescue, taking the spotlight away — for just a brief moment — with short hair! It’s new! It’s different! It’s short! Did we mention LOOK AT HER HAIR??!?

And yeah, people will complain that this is just another instance of treating the First Family like celebrities, and ignoring the important stuff, like the apparent current downward spiral that is our country. But I say to everyone: RELAX, and enjoy the sweeping side bangs for just a moment.

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