New York Magazine Doesn’t Get Hip Hop…

07/10/2009 9:11 AM |

c687/1247174530-robot.jpgIn a recent post about the new Buckshot and KRS-One video for the song “Robots” (embedded after the jump) off their forthcoming album Survival Skills, New York Magazine‘s Nick Catucci evidences a fairly myopic understanding of hip hop. He refers to Buckshot (perhaps sarcastically, but I think not) as “a young fellow” even though the MC has been so instrumental in New York rap since coming on the scene in 1992 that he’s bonafide old school at this point. Catucci also makes the following statement: “Rap grew out of gimmicks,” which is so smug, condescending and idiotic that it doesn’t really merit further review.

Catucci (who, to be fair, I totally agree with regarding Kanye West’s latest video) closes by asking KRS-One: “If rap’s such an institution, why are you always trying to tear it down?” He, apparently, misses the song’s point, which is to deconstruct the rap industry and the assembly-line approach it takes to signing, packaging and promoting artists (and its copious use of autotune). Still, thanks for calling our attention to a great song and video (after the jump).