New York’s Finest, New York’s Bravest, New York’s Strongest?

07/22/2009 10:26 AM |

8f79/1248202581-oscar-the-grouch.jpg I noticed in this New York Post brief, about sanitation workers putting out a kitchen fire, that the writer referred to them as “the city’s Strongest.” I hadn’t realized it, but I guess in the same way that cops are “New York’s Finest” and firefighters are “New York’s Bravest,” the sanitation dudes are “New York’s Strongest.” Which is cool, because it’s nice to have a nickname that elevates your job a little bit, in a mytho-poetic kind of way. BUT WHAT ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE? Let’s begin with MTA workers, shall we, and see if we can’t come up with a nickname for all the city’s legendary professions…

Subway Employees: New York’s Grouchiest
Taxi Drivers: New York’s Deadliest
Waiters: New York’s Eye Rolliest
Bartenders: New York’s Indie Rock Bassiest
Indie Rock Bassists: New York’s Bartenderest
Artists: New York’s Bushwickiest
Magazine Editors: New York’s Obsoletest Drunkest
Bloggers: New York’s Most Blogged-About
Film Critics: New York’s Sta-sta-sta-stammeringest
I-Bankers: New York’s Scapegoatiest
News Anchors: New York’s Gay Uncle-est

As ever, your suggestions are most welcome in the comments.

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