NYC Journalist Pwns White Supremacist on the Internets

07/28/2009 12:13 PM |

c4c2/1248797059-it_s_a_racist.png The internet is not, ultimately, an anonymous peanut gallery for your worst thoughts and feelings, so be careful about the shit you spew while hiding behind a stupid avatar. Case in point:

Nice guy/talented journo/friend of The L Allen McDuffee recently had some of his reasoned, thoughtful criticism of Israeli policy appropriated by a white supremacist, racist moron AND HE WAS NOT GOING TO STAND FOR IT.

In no way, shape or form will I allow him to attribute his agenda to my reporting and blogging. I fully condemn Kalki666’s actions and everything that he, his blog and his community stand for. Yes, I am critical of Israeli policies. I am also critical of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

And man, did McDuffee ever follow through…

So, pissed off that some douchesack — writing as Kalki666 — was using his words in aid of anti-Semitic drivel, McDuffee used his reporter computer I’m not sure how he did it skills to trace the writer to an IP address at bucolic Wheaton College, a well-respected Evangelical Christian institution in Illinois. McDuffee then wrote a letter to Wheaton, asking how they were going to deal with the situation, and was told by the college president, “Can’t imagine this information is accurate but I intend to find out. Will let you know what I discover.” And then McDuffee actually got into it with Kalki666, who proved himself a powerful rhetorician:

And yes, technically criticism of Israel is antisemitism, since Israel is a Jewish state…But your fear of being called a ‘racist’ won’t allow you to acknowledge that. I say what I say because I have balls and a strong belief that the truth needs to be spoken — regardless of how ’socially unacceptable (’politically incorrect’) the powers-that-be portray such truth. […] I don’t have the time to elaborate too much, but I’ll just say this — The PTB (i.e. the Jew-controlled system) has been trying to get rid of me one way or another since the day I was born.

Upon further investigation, the Wheaton authorities traced Kalki666 to one of their free public computers and eventually called in police and… HOORAY, the white supremacist douchesack was arrested for obstruction and battery! His name is Merril Sech and he’s kind of everything you’d imagine a paranoid, hateful, anonymous screed writer would be, chiefly, that he resembles a minor league middle reliever.

Hats off to McDuffee for wading into the feculent murk of internet hate and refusing to let his words be twisted. Obviously, when you live online you encounter this kind of thing all too frequently. There can be something almost hypnotic about the bottomless idiocy of hate-driven comment threads, and for the most part, ignoring them is the best way to maintain one’s sanity. But every now and then it’s nice to see someone calling out the bullshit.

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  • Alex McDuffee is now my hero, can we hire him to do weekly sweeps of the Caucus blog over at

    And, you know, to also loose his righteous fury on the merely idiotic?

  • Omar Minaya tole me McDuffee had been lobbying aggressively for a job in the the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

  • Omar Minaya told me they were hoping to trade Beltran to Wheaton for Merril Sech. He cited both Rocker and Smoltz as examples of “an old fashioned sensibility” thriving as pitchers in a major market. Also, the teams desperate need for “holds”.

  • According to The L Magazine, Sech and Palin: wingnuts

  • She DOES look a little bit like Rollie Fingers.