Obama to Awkwardly Sip Beer with Henry Louis Gates and Jim Crowley

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07/28/2009 1:19 PM |

Coors, beerIn my experience, inviting three fundamentally different people to come together to drink beer and have a frank conversation about race in America is a very, very bad idea.

And yet, and yet. For his sins — for daring to discuss race, and for publicly articulating a progressive worldview — President Obama has had his Real American-ness called into question (WHERE’S HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE HMM?). The fucking nerve of this guy, this “black” “president” of “America” or whatever the fuck, daring to suggest that African-Americans might have reason to distrust our noble and never arrogant or racially insensitive law enforcement system.

And so for his sins he shall quaff many disgusting Budweisers with a Masshole cop. (Also Skip Gates, who seems pretty cool.)

Budweiser, even. Budweiser! Clearly this is a victory for the Anheuser-Busch company’s endlessly sanctimonious branding campaign; Pete Coors must be fuming.

Christ, Obama could cover himself in American flag lapel pins like Alec Baldwin in that New Yorker profile, and it would still never be enough for people. (There is some overlap between these people and the birthers, naturally; Rep. Collin Peterson is kind of a dick but his open contempt for his own constituents seems, in this context especially, quite heartening.)