Oops! NASA Loses Moon Landing Tapes

07/17/2009 11:37 AM |

8b52/1247788544-ff_space_nasa1_f.jpgSo we’re all about celebrating Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong and (to a lesser extent) Buzz Aldrin this week, as we mark the 40th anniversary of humanity’s first visit to the moon. We’ll be seeing excessively looped high-def footage of that iconic moment when Neil (not Buzz) set foot on that barren block of cheese. Except, wait, NASA lost the tapes! Aw, bummer dude! At a press conference yesterday the space agency admitted that it misplaced/erased/”degaussed”/destroyed in a ritualistic bonfire the most high-quality footage of the moon landing. To make up for that the tragic loss they’ve assembled a fancy, expensive ($230,000) reconstruction of the event using all the other footage of the event left in their archives. Click here to see the fancy reconstituted result, or click here to read more about NASA’s incompetent archiving.