Philadelphia: Now South of the Mason Dixon

07/08/2009 4:03 PM |

It’s not often that we extend our purview beyond New York, but we will make an exception this once for what is one of the most insane stories about overt racism we’ve heard in years—like, since before Brown v. Board of Education. At a private swimming pool in northeast Philadelphia, 60 black children from a local camp were asked to leave and not return—despite having paid the necessary fee—when all the dopey white kids got squeamish and immediately climbed out of the water. Families of the children were offered a refund, but are still not welcome at the pool.

The best part—and by best part, I mean the part that most makes me want to kill myself—is this statement, which was released by the pool’s President, John Duesler.

“There was concern that a lot of kids would change the complexion … and the atmosphere of the club.”

Which would be a shame, obviously. It seems so nice as it is. [via Philebrity]

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