Recession Alert: Missed Connections Goes Way Offline

07/06/2009 3:33 PM |

1630/1246902886-ac-slater.gif It had to happen eventually. The penny in the fountain feeling of posting a missed connection to Craigslist might have given people the nice illusion of proactivity (and has made for great reading), but it just hasn’t been getting results. The best way to track down that person you want to make sex with? Put up a poster of Christian Slater around the neighborhood, with the following text:

“You were my fireworks on the 4th of July and you changed the way I will hear church bells forever! If this finds you please find me since I am a total moron and didn’t give you my number or get yours and I would love to see you again.”

Real-world, non-virtual creativity at work! (And no, A.C. Slater will not work.)

One Comment

  • I think Christian Slater should reply to the inquiry in earnest. Let’s see if this guy is REALLY hotter than C.S.