Senseless List Making: The Rock-Doc Edition

07/14/2009 12:03 PM |

7d81/1247587502-1991typb300dpi.sized.jpgI don’t know what the occasion was, or if nerdy list-making necessarily needs an occasion, but just yesterday, Paste‘s Caroline Kilbanoff compiled The Definitive All-Time Top 10 Rock ‘N’ Roll Documentaries List, and it looks a lot like all the other rock-doc lists, with a bit more of a focus on more recent films, like The Devil and Daniel Johnston, and Dig!, which she boldly—and I would argue prematurely—ranks at number two. To her list, I would add 1991: The Year Punk Broke, and maybe We Jam Econo, the excellent Minutemen doc released by Plexifilm a few years ago. And probably La Bamba, if that counts, which it totally does, I think.

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