Smelly Art or Artsy Smells?

07/18/2009 10:51 AM |

dfa1/1247850392-aromatic-chemicals.jpgIn the never-ending push to expand the categories of art to include video games, plastic surgery and life itself, olfactory art has kinda been lost in the mix. Not so, claims Nadia Wagner, who’ll be unveiling a library of 90 scents and a smell installation at the Cabinet Magazine space in Gowanus tonight (300 Nevins St at Union St). The invisible installation, dubbed Recent addition to the permanent collection, opens with a reception tonight from 6-8pm preceded by an artist talk with Wagner at 5pm. The installation continues through August 8, although something tells me the smell of Evernyl (which is the show’s main fragrance and smells of moss) will linger a few extra days, effectively extending the dates of the exhibition. Click here for more about the show.