Sound Smart, Read These: Obama Reality-Check Edition

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07/10/2009 2:56 PM |

fbba/1247243769-hemingwayspanishcivilwar.jpgLest we get complacent, let’s remember to take note of the current administration’s continuation of Bush-era policies of secrecy, detention and, yes, abuse.

And the healthcare battle couldn’t be shaping up much worse, what with the administration apparently open to compromise on the public plan, as part of their strategy of basically let-the-Senate-figure-this-out. (A question: will the healthcare debate ever focus as much as it ought to on getting more, better, more frequent, more affordable general practicioners in circulation? Preventive care and lifestyle choices are a large — fat — part of what’s keeping costs up. We just treat the symptom.)

On to books! Ernest Hemingway was code-named “Argo” by his KGB handlers in the 1940s. Related: Ernest Hemingway was for a time a willing, if not particularly effective, conduit of information for the KGB.

New Fiction: “The White Room“, an excerpt from Jess Row’s next novel, Lamentations.

Old Clip: Kurt Vonnegut discusses Cat’s Cradle (and reads it over some ca-ray-zee reenactments, I guess you’d call that), the bomb, all that stuff. Great sweater.

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