Sound Smart, Read These: Summit Meetings, Getting-to-Know You Meetings, Secret Meetings

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07/24/2009 3:34 PM |

Walter Cronkite meets Gertrude Stein for a 1935 newspaper profile. He seems mightily amused by the fact of her homosexuality.

Meet Rambo, an Iraqi police officer in Ramadi.

Meet Iran’s next supreme leader

Michael Massing, for the New York Review of Books, on the possible future of actual journalism on the internet.

I got 9 out of 10 on the Guardian‘s “How much do you know about literary spies?” quiz. And they didn’t even ask about Sex Spy Roald Dahl.

New fiction: “The Burners“, by Alex Burdett, at Literary Upstart judge Cal Morgan’s great Fifty-Two Stories site.

Old Clip: Ray Bradbury for Sunsweet Prunes.