The Best Song You’ve Ever Heard

07/23/2009 5:18 PM |

Just ’cause my boss is out of town, and I can indulge in my love for all things Animal Collective without having any sort of filter, I thought I should post “Walkabout,” the Bradford Cox/Noah Lennox collaboration from Atlas Sound‘s upcoming album. It’s been floating around the Internet for a week or so now, but it’s worth another 150 listens at least — especially at the two-minute mark when after the song flatlines for a few seconds, it blooms back open with the money line, “What did you want to see/What did you want to be/When you grew up” over a bubbling organ and tambourine taps. There’s not much more to say other than this is why skinny white people were put on earth.

Atlas Sound’s Logos is slated for release October 20, but main man Bradford Cox will be at the Williamsburg Waterfront on August 2 with his other band, Deerhunter.

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