The Long Awaited Return of Drive Shaft. Maybe.

07/08/2009 3:02 PM |

2cff/1247079676-picture_1.pngWhile it hasn’t been a terrible summer for television so far—Nurse Jackie has been consistently excellent, Hung is off to a promising start, NYC Prep is just horrifying enough for it to be enjoyable—the fall premiers cannot come fast enough. Especially when, like Lost, they won’t be happening until well into the winter. In an interview with Digital Spy, producers of the show, which is scheduled to kick off its final season in February, dropped some hints about the possible reappearance of some of the characters that have already been killed off. So if you think Shannon was a total fox, or that Boone‘s eyes were to die for, or even if you just really, really, really want to hear “You All Everybody” again, you might be in luck. [via Pop Watch]