The Most Trusted Name in News: Jon Stewart

07/22/2009 11:56 AM |

1997/1248218963-johnstewartmap.gifIt’s probably not all that surprising that, given the face of politics for the last 8 years, Americans have gotten used to taking their news with a generous helping of salt. Still, TIME has a fun interactive feature thingy showing the distribution of which news anchors are the most watched in which states, with The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart winning in a massive landslide. You might be surprised, though, to see in what states Stewart beat out the competition (Brian Williams, Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric, in order of popularity) by the biggest margins: Arkansas (43%) and Utah (33%). It’s also the closest thing we’ll ever see to the Green Party winning an election: inexplicably, Stewart is represented in green, with Kouric in blue, Gibson in red and, oddly, Williams in some sort of non-partisan yellow.

(via GOOD)