The New York Times Has No Junkie Cred

07/27/2009 12:23 PM |

William Burroughs Sure, maybe this is just another way to talk about Dash Snow, but in the Times longer view of the troubled downtown artist’s life and death, they talked to Robert Mapplethorpe’s old lover, Robert Walls (who was also a friend of Snow’s) about, I guess, rich junkies:

Mr. Walls distinguished Mr. Snow from working-class addicts like William S. Burroughs, Herbert Huncke — and himself. “It was like his money never ran out,” Mr. Walls said. “When it came to doing drugs, he could do these marathons for days and days on end. In my day, in Huncke’s day, in Burroughs’s day, when we wanted a fix, we had to go work — we couldn’t just sit around getting high for three straight weeks.”

Working-class addicts like Burroughs Corporation scion William Burroughs, who went to Harvard and got away with shooting his wife, because, you know, he was working class

Stupid newspapers.

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  • if it weren’t so freaking pathetic (that no one at the times, and robert mapplethorpe’s bf, didn’t have a clue) this would be funny- burroughs was super well-off, and i know he (and others) talked about it a good deal, because i had a broken Burroughs adding machine as decoration in my room when i was a teenager, back when i thought he was the be-all and end-all of great writing, a little tribute to all the corporate money that supported bill so he could get blazingly f-ed up for weeks at a time, and do nothing but write and screw beautiful morrocan boys.