Todd P Goes to Austin, Sits On Couch, Talks About “Culture”

07/23/2009 1:47 PM |

In case there was any doubt that Todd Patrick likes to use the word “culture” when discussing DIY rock shows, there’s now a documentary film to prove it. In Todd P Goes to Austin, cameras follow the underground concert promoter and his pals — Dan Deacon, Matt & Kim, Team Robespierre, High Places, Ponytail and the Death Set all get in on the action — as they caravan to Texas for an anti-SXSW soiree. It features all sorts of interviews with Patrick and the bands, shots of tour vans on lonely highways, and solemn punk-rock rhapsodizing to break up the footage of sweaty kids moshing. Head here to RSVP to the movie’s premiere next Tuesday at the Delancey. Team Robespierre, the So So Glos and a few special guests will perform; Todd P will DJ between sets. Then he’ll sit on a couch and talk about it. Check out the trailer below:

TODD P GOES TO AUSTIN trailer from FVMMO FILMS on Vimeo.

[via The Voice]

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  • No talk from Todd, but Frankie(Crystal Stilts) was there and she jumped on stage during So So Glos set and sang a few lines. There was free beer and place was packed. Team Robespierre pretty much killed it. Rumor was Matt and Kim were gonna play (someone said) but I didn’t see them, unless they showed up after I left…