Twitter Novelists Just Like Other Novelists: Insecure and Peevish

07/24/2009 11:23 AM |

Last week I posted about Matt Stewart’s self-proclaimed “first Twitter novel,” which, according to the very first commenter on his original Huffington Post, err, post, was an erroneous claim. TWITTER CONTROVERSY! And then the debate jumped over to the comments section of my post… and… and… now Matt Stewart himself has sought to clarify the situation:

I poked around and found that nobody had RELEASED a complete novel on Twitter — people had only WRITTEN novels on Twitter or republished old novels. […] As to my accuracy, I also qualified all my statements with “as far as I can tell.” There’s always something else in the blogosphere, and I wouldn’t try to make any web-based assertion without a caveat like that.

So there you have it. Some people are writing novels on Twitter, some people are releasing novels on Twitter, and, I assume, some people are reading novels on Twitter. (Really? Are they? If you are, please let me know about it.) Stewart seems like a nice guy (I was kind of dick about his original post but he took the high road) so I will now wish him good luck. Good luck Twitter novelist Matt Stewart!