Ugh, More Bullshit Hipster Baiting of Crusty Punks

07/27/2009 4:16 PM |

I’ve already written about how pissed off I was about FreeWilliamsburg equating groups of Bedford Avenue crusty punks with an infestation of insects, now they’ve come up with a hilarious crusty punk foldable toy. This is so fucking obnoxious and hateful; next up, the “Let’s Set Homeless People on Fire” foldable toy. Fuck you, get over yourselves and your provincial anxiety about scary panhandlers.

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  • From the FW piece: “As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, they’ve invaded the ‘burg and now we can expect a surge in lyme disease from the ticks festering in their nasty-ass beards.”

    Because yes, Williamsburg was free of “nasty-ass beards” before the crusty punks arrived.

  • Oh my god, could you sound any more whiny and self-righteous than you already do? ‘I publish an alternative magazine, I’m the voice of the underground!’ Get over yourself.

    As someone who lives in a building on Bedford that’s forever swarmed by crusty panhandlers, some of whom can and have been verbally abusive to me and my guests, I totally understand the desire to poke a little fun at them here and there. Also, unless you have some of the thinnest, weakest, Michael Jackson-style translucent skin in the world, how is this toy “fucking obnoxious and hateful?”

    Easy on the self-righteousness, buddy.

  • @Paul
    I’m always going to be self-righteous and whiny when one class of people starts talking about another class of people as if they were insects. The toy was just an added bonus.

  • @Jonny

    You might consider defending some underserved communities that really need the support. Not to say that being a crust punk isn’t full of misery

  • @Paul
    Defending any given community does not preclude defending, or advocating on behalf of, any other community; it’s not a zero-sum situation (this is a weirdly common attack on “flag-wavers,” e.g. How can you care about homeless dogs when children are starving in Africa? Well, it’s possible to care and act on multiple fronts.)

    You should also read the following article for a sense of what I’m getting at, vis a vis how easy it is to dehumanize marginalized groups:…

    I do understand that the crusties on Bedford can be irritating, and may seem like suburban kids engaging in gutter tourism (an impression due largely to that Daily News article) but for the most part, crusties are homeless kids who’ve ended up on the streets for a variety of reasons. I don’t have any problem with people complaining about other people being dicks to them, but there was just something about the tone in the two FreeWilliamsburg posts that touched a nerve in a pretty serious way.

  • My issue with your post, ultimately, is one of perspective

  • This forced internet civility is exhausting. I’m sure if we worked hard enough we could get down to irreconcilable first principles. So let’s not.

  • Jeez! Toys are hateful, internet comments are exhausting…is there anything, no matter how minor, that doesn’t take it out of you?

  • Actually, it’s pretty much just you.

  • We’ve got a jokester on our hands! Well…as long as the jokes aren’t about crust-punks.

  • Dear Mr. Paul or Whoever:

    You seem bound and determined not to let Jonny have the last comment here. Every time he tries to wind down the discussion, leaving less and less room for further discussion, you squeeze your way in so that the last word is not somebody disagreeing with you. Or declining to continue to disagree with you, actually.

    I commend your effort, though your self-awareness leaves something to be desired.

    You are aware that this is our website, right? That for reasons of both access to the administrative software and our own professional attentions, we are unlikely to allow this to continue?

    Don’t reply to this, you’ll just look silly.

  • Did I steal your professional attentions? My bad.

    But seriously: you’ll notice I’ve only *responded* to posts and comments. That’s your hint. Now we’ll see if you can figure out how to stop me from posting anything else. (One more hint: it doesn’t involve retooling the administrative software or whatever.)