Vivian Girls: Now Darker and Moodier. Allegedly.

07/14/2009 2:01 PM |

70be/1247594378-viviangirls.pngThere’s a new Vivian Girls song making the rounds today, and I assume it will be received exactly the same way all their other songs have been received: with lots of people saying they really like it, while lots of other people say they’re overrated and talentless and that they’re really hot/ugly. It’s called “When I’m Gone,” and it’s set to appear on their sophomore full-length, Everything Goes Wrong, which comes out in September. The press release for the record claims it’s a stylistic departure for the women.

Whilst the band have again captured their raw, fun edge – as the influence of ’60s girl groups, The Ramones as well as surf and indie pop, still ring true, Everything Goes Wrong is without a doubt a darker, moodier album than its predecessor; a trait which arguably makes the band an even more appealing proposition this time round.

Ugh, whilst… so stupid. And I don’t know why being darker and moodier makes it more appealing, but whatever. Here’s the song, which, by the way, doesn’t seem much darker or moodier than their other stuff.