Why It’s Good that the Evangelical Christian Voting Bloc Became So Big and Powerful

07/24/2009 2:23 PM |


Sarah Palin It’s nice to see a new poll today revealing the sliding popularity of Sarah Palin. This is a heartwarming thing to hear on a summer Friday, particularly details like “57 percent of Americans say she does not understand complex issues.” And to the 37 percent of Americans who do think she understands complex issues, I say WTF? Need I remind you?

But there’s another detail from this poll which is reason to celebrate: Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin are splitting the Evangelical Christian voting bloc! Yup, the fringe Christians brought into the Republican fold by Ronald Reagan have grown into such a powerful conservative force that they’ve spawned two viable national candidates, who will now proceed to split the primaries, which will open the door for boring white dudes like Robo Mitt Romney or Wild John Thune, who will then lose to Obama in 2012 because they don’t excite the Evangelical base (and Republicans can’t win without that!). So you see… hooray! Happy summer Friday everyone.