Wild Yaks Kill at Summerscreen, Say “Milk-Fat” in Front of Thousands of People

07/09/2009 4:48 PM |

I was gonna wait till we had the fancy, edited version of last night’s Wild Yaks and Kittens Ablaze sets at Summerscreen, but I can’t stop watching this video, taken by my wife on our super handy new Flip thing, so now you have to watch it too. Things to watch for:

Wild Yaks frontman Rob Byrn using the term “milk-fat.” (0:13)

My wife giggling (0:30)

My wife giggling (0:34)

L Magazine publisher Scott Stedman screaming in my fucking ear, “As Nick Burry [Associate Publisher] has now said — the best live band in New York City.” (0:49)

Me responding, “He’s seen them all, right?” (0:56)

Scott laughing louder than three amplified guitars, a drum set and four grown men screaming at the top of their lungs. (0:58)

A sweet-ass drum fill followed by shredding. (2:16)

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  • Just reading the headline, someone might think that there was a deadly stampede by a herd of wild, talking yaks at last night’s Summerscreen.

  • Wild Yaks absolutely killed it. More video please. Movie was ok too, watching it I realized I had the ending confused with the ending of Single. Funny how memory works…

    btw- you might want to circle the date- sep 11 at Market Hotel- Wild Yaks w / Boogie Boarder, should be amazing.