Williamsburg Hipsters Alarmed by That Scary Group of Teenagers Over There

07/23/2009 2:16 PM |

d6f0/1248369009-jimbo_jones.jpg Jamie Peck’s NY Press cover story — about the decline and fall of after-hours party space, The Shank — tells the usual story of ephemeral exclusivity and the programmatic obsolescence of bohemian fun. Everything dies, baby. (She does a particularly good job, too, of getting people to go on record kind of dissing each other, which is always fun.) The money quotes, however, are from Bushwick resident Julie Vick, who is scared of local teens:

“I’m surrounded by teenagers. People are tagging and ruining things; things were getting a little Altamont-y, and the fun was ending.” Then, according to Vick, a teenage girl grabbed her beer, poured it on her and punched her in the head until she broke free and ran. “I was like, this is humiliating. I’m 30 years old, getting beaten up by 16-year-olds. I’m too old to be somewhere that teenagers are going to beat me up.”

This is true.

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  • I once had a teenager dump a beer on me. Then his drunk girlfriend grabbed me an apologized and gave me all the money in her wallet- which was about $9. I thought for a moment that it was below my dignity– then smiled, thanked her, and took the money and went home. Ah, teenagers. Ah, $9.

  • Why are you loser hanging out with teenagers to begin with?
    Can’t find company your own age?