Adam Lambert is Busy, Busy, Busy “Co-Writing” His Debut Album

08/11/2009 1:12 PM |


American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert is currently deep in the throes of the America Idol Live tour, but he took some time out of his busy schedule to sit down for another interview with Rolling Stone. Why they’re writing about him so much, I have no idea, but this time he’s conversation turned to his forthcoming album, about which he said this:

“We did a surprising amount of work before the tour started, we had about a month,” he says. “I got a lot of co-writing done, some great initial vocal material recorded, and just general collaborations with different producers.”

I admire his inclination not to overstate his role in the songwriting process, but I think it would have been ok if he’d just said writing instead of co-writing, no? Even if all it means is that he occasionally says “Oh, oh, oh, can I let out a super high-pitched squeal right there? No? How ’bout here? Here? Please?”

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  • Oh wow! I guess you thought that picture would be shocking. You’re the moron. Not Lambert.

  • You know, I will admit that this was a poor choice of photo. I’d never seen it before and it made me laugh, so I used it. I just did a bit of research, though, and I see some of the shitty things that have been said about it in comment threads. It was a bad move on my part to use it for a cheap gag without thinking about how it could come across.

    “I got a lot of co-writing done” is still a totally stupid thing to say, though.

  • Yeah, that picture was used by some cruel Facebook bigots but the twitter world took care of them very nicely. And since that picture is also in Rolling Stone it’s obviously not something that embarrasses Lambert, nor should it embarrass him.

    As for the “screeching” comment I’m well past trying to convince anyone of Lambert’s talent but if you’re so inclined to try and change your view why not download his Itunes version of Feeling Good and see for yourself the sum total of this guy’s vocal range. You might even find yourself impressed.

    And lastly, yeah, I agree, stupid choice of words, but why not give him a break? I’m sure he’s just excited.

  • Wow! Just a total and poor attempt at a hit shot at Adam. What IS your problem? That is a picture from a Wicked cast party. BTW, u r a douche.
    So, you have a problem with co-writing? It means he is working with others. Adam is all about a collaborative effort. Anyone with half a brain would understand that. Your argument is invalid.

  • rki”‘I got a lot of co-writing done’ is still a totally stupid thing to say, though.”

    Given that he’s done co-writing before (with Monte Pittman, Madonna’s guitar player), I don’t see what’s strange about him saying that he’s wong on co-writing now. Song-writing is often a collaborative process, so unless you don’t believe he’s able to meaningfully contribute, I don’t see why what he said is weird.

    And I would also recommend the Feeling Good studio track that JazM suggested – if you don’t want to buy it sight-unseen, search for it on Youtube first.

  • It’s nice to have someone like Adam around. Any time you want some hits for your site all you have to do is just throw his name out, even if you have nothing of substance to say. I mean really, you posted this just to point out a quibble with one word that Adam used? A word that expresses his meaning better than your suggested substitute, by the way, even if it is not the most graceful construction. You may not be aware of the amount of scrutiny that Adam receives, but if he appeared to claim that he was the sole writer of his songs, he would be lambasted. So, it is not surprising that he goes out of his way to emphasize that he is working with others. Please, work on the content and accuracy of your own writing before you target someone else.


  • Adam is dancing all the way to the bank
    everytime his name appears in print regardless of content. Love that dude. Love the photo, love everything he wears to grab attention. He has everyone talking and is loved by the masses. Adams journey has just begun talk to us later, when he tours with photos that will
    shock, entertain and sooth the savage beast in all of us. All aboard the Lambert train for the most thrilling, entertaining, fun filled ride of your life. Rolling Stone is by some measure the engine that is projecting Adam, into rock star status, whoot, whoot, all aboard. Thank you Rolling Stone.

  • I totally agree with Macy. All aboard. Whoot. NOW IS THE GREAT GOOD NIGHT OF OUR CRYSTAL METHOD. Good night moon.

  • Did it occur to you that he’s writing the lyrics. A lot of singers take responsibility for the lyrics that they will be singing … singing to instrumental music that comes, primarily, from others. Just recently Kelly Clarkson worried that a composer had written very similar backing tracks for her and Beyonce … but the lyrics were still her own and the two songs couldn’t have been more different.

    But you’re not really worried about what you’re saying are you. Looking for hits. Are your advertisers happy?

  • Actually that picture is of Adam as Aquaman, in Super Friends – The Musical. His high-pitched squeal is useful in communicating with the “dolphins”.

  • No matter what you or anybody else says about ADAM, he is the #1 icon
    in the world today. There’s always going to be jealous people who will disrespect him, but ADAM is a charming, honest, hard-working, handsome, talented, considerate, and all around wonderful person!!!!


  • Mike, why is this article so angry and offensive? I remember bullies like you in middle school. They were always quick to make fun of someone, or torment them just to satisfy their own unhappiness, and shortcomings. Well this isn’t Middle School anymore. Unlike you, Adam Lambert grew up to be a very kind and gracious man. Thank God he didn’t let cruel people like you beat him down. I think it made him more caring for other people’s feelings. Wicked Glitter

  • i disagree: this *is* still Middle School.