Artist Hammers His Way Into the Guggenheim

08/10/2009 5:49 PM |

Milk and BLood, Mat Benote

Earlier this month American graffiti artist Mat Benote continued an ambitious project to hang his works, without permission, in world-renowned museums by adding his piece “Milk & Blood (Study I)” (pictured) to the current exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum. According to Art in America, the hanging only lasted a few minutes before security spotted the rogue installation and its accompanying label, which Benote had designed specifically to conform to Guggenheim labeling styles, and took them down.

In addition to raising the profile of street and graffiti art, the guerrilla donations are aimed at making museum donation programs more favorable for artists. Currently, collectors who donate pieces can reap millions in tax breaks, whereas artists who give pieces to museums only receive compensation for materials. Alexandra Peers of Art in America explains:

A bill has been in both the Congress and the Senate for some months that would amend the IRS code to let writers, musicians, and artists donate their work at fair market value, but is still far from becoming law.

Meanwhile, check out Benote’s website to see previous installations and try to figure out what museum he’ll hit next.