Disguising Downtown’s Decrepit Construction Sites

08/20/2009 1:56 PM |

Rachel Hayes mural Rainbow Conversation

In an effort to make some of the stalled construction sites and slow-moving public works projects all over Lower Manhattan a little less unpleasant for everyone, the Downtown Alliance recently launched a project dubbed Re:Construction, which turns sidewalk barriers, scaffolding and fences into venues for public art.

Previous works in the public art series included Carolina Cisneros, Mateo Pinto and Carlos J. Gomez de Llarena’s decorated fences on Houston and Fulton (which, meh), and their latest set of installations includes Rachel Hayes‘ colorful and surreal Rainbow Conversation (pictured) on the fence around a construction site at Williams Street, Maiden Lane and Liberty Street. Click here for a full list of Re:Construction’s past and current installations, and click here for Flavorwire’s interview with Karin Braven (of the gallery BravinLee Programs), one of the group’s lead curators.

(via NOTCOT)