Four People Split Six Beers and Time Out New York CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!

08/14/2009 12:58 PM |

Oh brother. Time Out NY recently invited Brooklyn’s Wild Yaks to perform at their office and be filmed for their website. Check out this intro blurb from the blog post:

The TONY office doesn’t typically double as a drinking establishment, but who were we to argue with Wild Yaks when they asked if they could down a six-pack before performing as part of our weekly concert series? Had we refused, it’s unlikely the results would’ve come out nearly as passionate and unhinged as they did. If you like what you hear—and frankly, we can’t imagine that won’t be the case—catch the gritty roots-punk quartet live at Pianos tonight (August 14).

Seriously, what a bunch of nerds, right? “Ha ha ha,” they probably said to one another, “Can you believe there are people drinking in our office? We are so crazy! Ha ha ha!” And it’s strange, too, because once they started putting their masthead, like, smack in the middle of the magazine, I totally assumed they were drunk constantly.

I know I’m not being nice here, but also, the band didn’t appear to have been very rowdy at all, right? Whatever, props to TONY for booking one of our favorite new bands.

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